History of the Mouse Car

Those Famous Mouse Cars

Our trademark yellow mouse cars and yellow trucks have helped identify Truly Nolen as the pest control company with a sense of humor and a taste for fun. These highly visible moving billboards have been around since 1961 and are only one of the many things that give Truly Nolen its distinctive flair.

Truly Nolen Cars: Red Ant Original Car
The Red Ant
[Truly's original bug truck]
Truly Nolen Cars: Early Mouse Car
The Early Mouse Car
Truly Nolen Cars: Second Generation Mouse Car
The New Mouse Car
Truly Nolen Cars: Second Generation Mouse Car
The Mouselimo

The Iconic Mouse Car

Early in his business, Truly searched for a cost effective, yet highly efficient way to bring attention to his business endeavors. In the early 1960's he decided to establish a company color and style. One of his managers created a red ant car to surprise Truly. While funny, it didn't quite hit the mark. A scorpion car was developed next, and several other variations on the theme followed. Eventually a small sedan was adapted to the current day Mousecar, with incredibly huge ears and a tail. The original ears were not aerodynamic or flexible, so the car could not travel more than 25 to 35 miles an hour without damaging the ears. One of the mechanics went to work and developed a spring system that allowed the ears to lay back when the car was in motion.

Truly Nolen Cars: Iconic Mousecar
Truly Nolen Cars: Iconic Mousecar
Truly Nolen Cars: Iconic Mousecar
Truly Nolen Cars: Iconic Mousecar

Through its evolution, the Mouse Car has drawn attention to the company, made media headlines on numerous occasions, and has become a part of the community. Other companies would have to spend millions in advertising dollars to accomplish what Truly's employees and franchisees can do by simply driving to work each day. A variety of fuel friendly and environmentally conscious cars are used today, as these cars can provide a significant saving for the company and its franchisees. In fact, just about any vehicle can be turned into a Mouse Car. Take a look at some of the ideas from our branches and franchisees! Service staff, who need specially designated areas to transport chemical material, traditionally drive small two-door trucks with shells or lockboxes, painted Truly Nolen yellow and sporting "ant" antennae and appropriate decals.

As a mobile billboard, the Mouse Car leaves a lasting first impression on everyone that sees it!


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