Service Programs: Termite Control

Truly Nolen's Total Termite Protection (TTP) is the most innovative and complete termite protection plan ever offered in the United States. Our layered approach safeguards the customer's home from termites by focusing on both the soil and the structure – combining treatments above and below ground for the most complete protection.

TTP is effective against all termites... that's why it's called Total Termite Protection! Customers can enjoy peace of mind in knowing that they are covered against all termites today and tomorrow. If signs of an infestation of termites appear after initial treatment, Truly Nolen we'll return and retreat the customer's home at no additional charge.

Customers also have the option to take advantage of Truly Nolen's Guaranteed Renewal Option. Year after year, the customer's home will be blanketed with protection. In fact, Truly Nolen has hundreds of houses still covered by their original guarantee from the 1950's. Plus, Total Termite Protection will stay with the customer's house, even if they decide to sell and move. Now that's total protection!


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