How To Handle A Negative Review Of Your Florida Pest Control Company

February 15, 2022

A negative review of your Florida pest control company may seem like the worst thing ever, but the truth is that negative reviews are unavoidable from time to time. What sets your company apart is handling the negative review and your actions to address the issues brought up moving forward.

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Bad Reviews Happen To Even Good Florida Companies

Like we mentioned above, negative reviews are virtually unavoidable. Even the best pest control companies will have negative reviews from time to time as the nature of pest control involves many different individuals and moving parts. Don’t get disheartened if you receive a couple of negative reviews over the course of your pest control company’s career. Make sure you address the review with the right attitude and don’t let it stop you from moving your company forward toward success.

Identify The Nature Of The Review Of Your Florida Business

As you monitor your online presence for reviews, it is crucial to identify the specific nature of the review. Some reviews may be warranted and can help you narrow down issues with your company, while others may be mean-spirited and lack constructive criticism. You can utilize websites such as Google, Yelp, Facebook, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to monitor your business’s status with customers.

Identifying legitimate reviews and raising real issues about the service that a customer received or the interaction of employees with the customer are specific discussion topics of the review. These are the most critical issues to which you should be crafting a response. Also, identify any vulgar or inappropriate reviews and report these reviews. Most of the time, reporting reviews such as these can result in their removal. 

Acknowledge, Apologize And Make It Right For Your Florida Business

Once you’ve identified which reviews are worth responding to, you will need to approach them carefully and ensure that you acknowledge the issues described, give a sincere apology, and work on achieving a better outcome for the customer. We discuss some more tips for this below:

  • Ignore mean-spirited reviews and don’t get into arguments with customers online. This will only make your company seem unprofessional, and you will likely not be able to change a customer’s mind by arguing with them.
  • When negative reviews raise issues, you should have a system that addresses these problems. Investigate staff, look into the legitimacy of the issue, and make sure that any real issues that are raised are fully addressed.
  • As you respond to negative reviews, ensure that your language is sincere and non-combative. Always fully acknowledge the issue and respond with an apology before telling the customer what you will do to rectify the situation. Most of the time, even if the issue isn’t resolved, a negative review can be withdrawn after your company shows a willingness to help.

How To Learn More About Pest Control Franchise Opportunities In Florida

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