Pest Control Is A Unique Industry

April 29, 2021

When talking with a prospective franchisee, my team is often asked why someone should choose a pest control franchise over other service-based franchise systems. It is a great question and one that I love answering. I am very passionate about the pest control industry and could easily rattle off dozens of reasons to choose pest control; however, I will narrow it down to my top three.

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1. We are an essential business. Pest control is part of public health, as we are responsible for preventing the spread of pest-related diseases in the community.  Rodents, for example, can easily spread bacteria, which contaminates food sources and can add to allergic reactions in humans. Their fecal matter is also hazardous to breathe, potentially spreading diseases like Hantavirus, Bubonic Plague, and Salmonellosis.

2. We are neighborhood champions. Responsibly controlling unwanted pests in a customer’s home instantly adds value to their lives, reduces their burden, and provides peace of mind. Our customers do not have to worry about their loved ones or pets being bit by ants, spiders, or scorpions. They can rest assured that their environment is pest-free and the materials protecting their home were responsibly applied by a licensed, trained service professional.  

3. We protect the integrity of homes. Termites are often described as “silent destroyers” because they do so much damage without even making homeowners aware of their presence.  To make things worse, most homeowners do not discover damage until thousands of dollars of damage later, and this damage is often not covered by insurance. By providing termite control, we help homeowners protect their biggest investment.

At Truly Nolen, we see our customers as family, and our pest control programs are designed to provide them with the most effective, responsible, and proactive service plans available.  As a future franchise owner, you can join us and start protecting your community from the effects of pests!

Lance Washington

Director of Domestic Franchise

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