The Benefits Of Owning A Trusted Pest Control Franchise In Kentucky

January 5, 2022

Pest control has been around for a long time. But, until recently, it wasn't really an industry. It was just a lot of very annoyed people doing anything possible to get rid of pests. A little over a century ago, businesses were formed to help property owners with pest problems. This ushered in what is often referred to as The Golden Age of Pesticides. But smart pest control business owners realized that pest management was far superior to killing pests. Pest management provided long-lasting results, it was easier on the environment, it dealt proactively with pests. Customers couldn't get enough of it. Let's take a look at the benefits of owning a business in the pest control industry, how purchasing a franchise can maximize these benefits, and how you can tap into a trusted pest control franchise in Kentucky.

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The Benefits Of Owning A Pest Control Company

We have always known that pest control is essential for protecting public health and property, but it was only recently that businesses in the pest control industry were recognized as essential by the government of the United States. If you're looking to start a business, there is no better choice than to select a business in an industry that is considered essential. It also feels great. As a pest control provider, you and your employees are part of something vital. That brings energy to your workday and gives your team a reason to bring their 'A' game, every day. 

The Benefits Of Owning A Franchise

Pest management is a science. If you want to provide your customers with solutions that are backed by decades of innovation, there is no better way to do it than to invest in a franchise opportunity. Businesses that offer franchises are not only connected to national organizations and experts in the field of pest control, they themselves are the experts. They don't just have book smarts; they have street smarts. If you invest in a franchise, you'll have access to their experience and knowledge. This will help you to do the best job possible to protect the health and property of your customers.

The Benefits Of Franchising With Truly Nolen

Our founder, Truly Wheatfield Nolen, watched as the Golden Age of Pesticides became a new era of Integrated Pest Management. He was on the frontlines and was one of the innovators who helped to usher in this new age with its new pest control methodology. If you want to be part of a business with a long history of environmentally-friendly pest control and an emphasis on proactive pest management, you'll fit right in at Truly Nolen. We make college-level classes available to technicians in our franchises. Your staff will have the most advanced training in trusted IPM solutions, and your general staff will have access to training in business management.  This will help your company provide the highest level of proactive pest management for your customers.

The Next Step

If you're in Kentucky, find out if there is a Truly Nolen franchise opportunity in your neck of the woods by reaching out to us today and by speaking to one of our agents. We help current business owners and aspiring business owners get plugged into important resources to help them be a success in the pest control industry. Your community and your customers need you. Learn how to provide people with the essential services they need in order to get control of disease-spreading and property-damaging pests. We're waiting to hear from you. 

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