The Best Pest Control Protection For California Homes

March 31, 2021

At Truly Nolen, we believe the best pest control protection is achieved through a process that considers the habits, habitats, and biology of the pests we control. This is not a philosophy we hold alone. There has been a movement toward environmentally-responsible, science-based pest control since the 1970s. It has, and still is, our intention to be on the cutting edge of this movement in finding new products and strategies that put an emphasis on natural pest control. We believe this is the best pest control protection for California homes, as well as all the homes that are guarded by Truly Nolen pest services throughout the world.

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The Obvious Reason Environmentally-Responsible Pest Control Is Best

All of our customers want to protect themselves, their families, and their pets from harm. Some are even concerned about the animals that come into their yards, the plants in their landscaping, and the general well-being of all living things. We're sensitive to this and our customers appreciate our sensitivity. They take notice of the effort we put in when selecting strategies that put eco-friendly control first. When customers are happy, business is good. It just makes sense.

Environmentally-Responsible Pest Control Is Smart

Customers take notice that our technicians are trained pest control scientists. They perform professional inspections, evaluate pest activity and conducive conditions, identify pest species, develop multi-pronged treatment plans, and monitor the success of treatments with sophisticated devices. This is a scientific process that uses smart ideas to manage pests, such as:

  • The application of caulking, hardware cloth, and other products to create a physical barrier to exclude pests.

  • The deployment of tamper-resistant traps to reduce rodent populations and monitor activity.

  • The installation of insect light traps to naturally lure flying insects in and reduce populations.

  • The introduction of biological organisms to clean drains or rid yards of unwanted pest species.

  • The use of scientific evaluation to inform customers of sanitation issues, food sources, water sources, general moisture problems, and other pest attractants.

Scientific Pest Control Products

Every effective pest control plan will require the use of some pest control products. We select products that use science to combat pests.

  • One of the most powerful products in our arsenal is the use of pest control insulation, which contains boron. Boron is effective against rodents and insects and has the same toxicity as table salt. It is also used in many household products, from laundry detergents to eye drops.  

  • Insect growth regulators (IGRs) work to prevent the development of insects. When insects, like mosquitoes, aren't able to go from eggs to (flying, biting) adults, they're not able to become pests.

  • Termite control products that have an undetectable active ingredient which is shared by termites and works to prevent the molting process. This is the best way to achieve colony elimination.

Integrated Pest Management Is The U.S. Standard

If you're looking to get a business up to code and meet all regulatory standards, IPM is the way to do it. It is regarded as the gold standard by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). At Truly Nolen, IPM is at the heart of our scientific approach to pest management and control.

Become A Scientist

Are you interested in starting a business that helps to protect health and property from pest threats by using scientific, environmentally-friendly pest control methods and products, a Truly Nolen franchise might be the right fit for you. We still have many franchise opportunities available in California. Find out if there is a franchise opportunity in your area by reaching out to us today.   

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