Why Getting Into The Pest Control Industry In Montana Is A Smart Idea

April 15, 2022

People have always needed pest control, and people will always need pest control. There is no better business to be in than a business that is essential. Why is pest control essential? It is essential because pests can bite, sting, and spread diseases. They can damage structures and the belongings inside structures. They can damage crops.

While pests are often thought of as nuisances, there is far more to pest control than just managing annoying critters. But, of course, you know this. What is interesting is that more and more Montana residents are learning the benefits of year-round pest control. There has never been a better time to get into the pest control industry. Join us as we look at a few more important facts about pest control in Montana.

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A Brief History Lesson On Pest Control

There has always been some form of pest control in Montana. If we go all the way back to when Native Americans dominated the landscape, we see plants being used as repellents. We also see Native Americans using techniques to protect food from pest infestation, such as placing granary baskets on raised platforms.

As history advanced and technology advanced with it, pest control started to become synonymous with insecticides. This only happened for a brief time in the 1900s. At the turn of the century, pest control businesses began using pest prevention as the primary means of addressing pest problems rather than treatments to exterminate pests. While we still use insecticides today, the products and the methods are vastly different.

There Will Always Be Pest Infestations

Pests aren't going away anytime soon. As our knowledge of how pests behave increases, we're learning smarter ways to manage pests before they can present a threat to health and property. Residents and business owners in Montana are taking notice of this new smarter way of addressing pest problems, and an increasing number of property owners are choosing to implement year-round pest control.

A Steadily Growing Market

If you're looking to be in a growing industry, pest control is the right choice. The pest control industry has grown an average of 4.4% per year between 2017 and 2022. That is solid growth you can trust, and that growth isn't going away any time soon. Residents and business owners are always going to need pest control. On top of this, when you become a franchise or start with a franchise, you have even more growth potential.

A Trusted Franchise Is A Great Way To Start

If you select the right franchise, you'll have access to many tools that will help you outpace the competition. You draw upon the experience of a company that has a proven track record. You get free marketing and promotion. You get name recognition.

There is access to online materials to help you educate your team. You get financial advice and guidance in setting up software to track collections, lead flow, and service data. There is leasing for vehicles and service equipment. We could go on, but you get the point. Why reinvent the wheel when you can draw upon all the benefits of a Truly Nolen franchise?

At Truly Nolen, we're all about helping business owners get started with pest control. We have franchise opportunities in Montana, other parts of the United States, and throughout the world. Hop over to our contact page and find out if there is a franchise opportunity in your neck of the woods. There is no better way to become a success in the pest control industry than to join the Truly Nolen family of businesses.

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