Four Simple Marketing Tips For Alabama Pest Control Companies

March 2, 2021

An essential part of growing a business is selecting smart marketing strategies. But it is a challenge navigating the sea of marketing options that are available to businesses, especially in this age of social media. Today, we're going to offer up four simple marketing tips to help you make your Alabama pest control company a success.

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1. Word-Of-Mouth

One unsatisfied customer can damage your reputation. The first step in any successful marketing campaign is to protect your brand from unnecessary bad reviews. Find key locations to address bad reviews, such as the Better Business Bureau and Google. When you close out complaints, you increase your rating and strengthen your image.

2. Content Management

Your website is ground zero for lead generation. It is where potential customers are most often funneled to learn more about your business. It is important to make your website the best it can be. Here are a few guidelines to consider.

  • Your page must be simple and easy to navigate.

  • You must have routine content updates to generate site traffic.

  • You need to analyze what content is working, and work to replicate the success of this content.

  • Create a pipeline to turn readers into customers. 

3. Pest Control Trends

There is a lot of information circulating on the information superhighway. Long before potential customers contact you, it is likely that they've been influenced by pest control marketing provided by your competitors. If you don't adequately tick the boxes, you may not gain that new customer. You need to be aware of what "packages" are commonly offered in your area, so that potential customers see that you're their best choice. It is also important to be aware of buzz words, like eco-friendly pest control. There is a big movement toward environmentally-friendly pest control. It is essential that you have options available to meet the needs of the customers in your area that are concerned about chemical pest control products.

4. Consistent Branding

There is a lot that goes into a brand. Some companies spend millions developing their brands. Don't skimp on this one. Hire professionals that have a track record for creating successful brands. The goal is to have a brand that is the same online as it is offline. Colors need to be consistent. Uniforms and vehicles need to be consistent. And, most of all, your brand needs to be backed by excellent customer service and effective pest control. All of this requires meticulous effort, planning, and financial choices. 

How Truly Nolen Can Help

If you own a pest control business in Alabama, there are many benefits to joining the Truly Nolen family of businesses. Not the least of which is assistance with all of the essential marketing tips listed above.

  • It is far easier to generate word-of-mouth advertising when you consistently provide effective pest control. We help you do this by providing educational resources and access to advice from industry experts.

  • Managing content can be a bear. You're going to need website design, content management, search engine optimization, and more. We guide you toward companies that are top in their fields of expertise.

  • It is difficult to know what is trending. When you partner with Truly Nolen, you gain access to the knowledge provided by the entire network of franchises. This allows you to find the perfect fit for your customers.

  • With Truly Nolen, you have a strong and consistent brand that customers are drawn to.

Alabama Pest Franchise Opportunities

If you own a pest control business in Alabama, or you're looking to start one, contact Truly Nolen for assistance. There may be a franchise opportunity near you.

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