How To Make Your Connecticut Pest Control Franchise Profitable

March 30, 2022

There are many businesses offering pest control in Connecticut and competition is fierce. You've made a great choice in becoming a franchise, but that alone is not going to ensure that you'll bring in the profits you're hoping to bring in. Today, we're going to help you zero in on some trouble spots that can hinder a pest control business. The good news is that you have access to tools that will help you easily solve these problems and pull even further ahead of your competition.

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Create A Solid Business Plan & Stick To It

It is important to have goals. Without goals, it is easy to expend your energy working on the wrong things, and it is easy for profits to stall out. A business plan allows you to set goals and stay focused. Every business should have one. As a Truly Nolen franchise, you have access to guidance in setting up a business plan for your franchise. This is definitely worth investing time in to pursue.

Consistent Quality Customer Service Is Crucial

When things go wrong (which happens a lot in pest control) it is important that you are on top of customer service. Not only will this help you retain current subscription customers, but it will also impact the reviews your customers leave on the internet.

As you seek to hire and train the best customer service team members you can find, keep those internet reviews in mind. An important role of customer service is to check key review sites and actively respond to legitimate complaints. When you turn a bad review into a good review, you make a big impact on potential customers.

Stay Up-To-Date On Latest Pest Control Advances & Trends

Customers often do some homework before they reach out to you. When they do, they're going to find what is currently trending. If you know what they know, you can properly address questions and steer the conversation toward why you use what you use. If a new pest control advance or trend is worth pursuing, you may adopt it.

That makes the conversation with customers even easier. They ask, "Do you use tamper-resistant rodent traps?" You say, "Yes, we do." They ask, "Do you use Sentricon?" You say, "Yes, we do." They ask, "Does your business use Integrated Pest Management?" You say, "Yes, we do." It is wise to do your research and always stay up-to-date on all advances that impact the services you provide.

Contact Truly Nolen For Ongoing Support For Your Franchise

The most important way you can maximize profits is to stay plugged in. As a Truly Nolen franchise, you have access to a long list of resources that can help you meet your growth goals and solve tough problems. You can speak to industry experts or our on-staff entomologist. You can find out about the companies we trust for marketing, advertising, and search engine optimization. You can find out what works best for tracking service data, collections, and lead flow.

You have access to marketing materials and guidance on setting up marketing campaigns. You can go online and watch training videos on nearly every subject that pertains to the pest control industry. While your competition is reinventing the wheel, you have the resources you need at your fingertips. Maximize your profits by learning more about all of the many resources you have available to you. 

If you have questions about what we've covered here today, reach out at any time. We're here to help you succeed. Together, we strengthen the Truly Nolen name - and we all win. 

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