The Benefits Of Eco-Friendly Pest Control For Your Colorado Property

August 8, 2021

There was a time when pest control was all about exterminating problem pests, but pest control providers learned that residents and business owners actually wanted more than a one-time fix. This drove the industry toward year-round pest control and away from extermination services as the best way to address pest problems. As pest control companies worked hard to deliver on the promise of creating pest-free homes and businesses, they learned that pest maintenance far surpassed chemical treatments for long-lasting control. Our founder, Truly David Nolen, was at the forefront of this change, and Truly Nolen Pest Control has put a focus on eco-friendly solutions ever since. If you haven't yet considered the benefits of eco-friendly pest control for your Colorado property, here are a few to consider.

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Many of the methods used in eco-friendly pest control have long-lasting sustainability. Using a caulking material to seal gaps around pipes and door frames is a great example. Once the product is in place, it will offer a level of pest resistance for a very long time. This is good news for customers and pest control providers. It benefits customers because it's going to be there long after they've discontinued their pest control service. It benefits pest control providers because it is a lot easier to keep pests out of a structure that has fewer entry points.

Proactive, Not Reactive

When you wait to deal with pest problems, you allow pests to make you sick and damage your property. It is far better to be proactive. A good example of this is termite damage. If termites attack structures on your Colorado property, they can damage the structures in ways that cannot be repaired. This can lead to ongoing repair costs and a whole lot of misery. Environmentally friendly termite control options, like the installation of bait stations, proactively work to eliminate attacking termite colonies by using termite workers against the colony that sent them.

Another way eco-friendly pest control is proactive is that it addresses the conditions that attract pests and make them active on your property. When you keep things clean, remove food sources, reduce moisture, and alter other conducive conditions, you proactively (and naturally) work to stop pests from becoming a problem. 


It is easy to imagine how eco-friendly pest control might be better for you, your kids, your pets, and the environment because chemicals are only used as a last resort, and only when they are necessary to bring pests below an appropriate threshold for human health. But it is actually far more than this. Let's use those termites again as our example. Environmentally friendly termite control solutions, such as the installation of termite bait stations, work proactively to eliminate attacking colonies before worker termites are able to cause structural damage, and they do this without the need for chemicals and without impacting other living things in your yard. Termite bait is a food source that is only desirable to termites; the active ingredient in this bait targets the molting process. It isn't a toxic chemical that kills them; it keeps baby termites from growing into adult termites. This leads to colony elimination.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control In Colorado  

At Truly Nolen, we're committed to eco-friendly pest control and the companies that choose to become Truly Nolen franchisees share our philosophy. If you want eco-friendly pest control for your Colorado property, Truly Nolen is a name you can trust. We were doing eco-friendly pest control long before it was cool. Connect with a Truly Nolen pest controller in your area to learn more or to request service.

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